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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank yous

Yesterday I took the boys to the Velvet ice cream plant in Utica. It was a beautiful day with practically no fighting. We took a picnic lunch, ate some ice cream, played on the playground, learned about the underground railroad (slaves slept under the gristmill there), hiked (Grant lost his shoe in the river) and fed fish ad ducks. I posted some pictures yesterday.

Yesterday evening, Matt loaded us all up after dinner and we went to the Hartford Fair to watch the motocross races. We sat front row for hours and watched these bikes ramp over he hills. The oldest guy racing was 58 and the youngest 4! I know. I sat beside a mother with three little boys and we gasped at the thought of our boys riding dirt bikes (and the length of the girls' shorts walking around the fair) and decided, after the ambulance took one boy out on a backboard, that we would stick to baseball and soccer. The boys did not agree and all have decided to buy motor bikes, NOT! It was cool, for other boys of course.

On the way home, the boys thanked Matt for taking them and talked about how awesome the night was. My response, no one thanked me for taking them to the ice cream factory :-) Matt just grabbed my hand and smiled. Let's see, ice cream factory or high speed motocross racing? Motocross wins every time!

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