Lori's Side of the Story: November 2009        

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town

Saturday night was the Gahanna Lights Parade.  We had some friends over for dinner and then headed over for the parade.  It was packed!  Nicole's family came, we met up with Jack's buddy and his family and Matt's Uncle John and his family came too.  It was a fun night and a great way to start out the Christmas season.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Grammy Farmer
Happy Birthday to You!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

Matt took Jack and Grant out hunting with the Winger men Thursday morning.  They didn't actually hunt, but they walked and they helped spot the poor unsuspecting birds.  Here they are: pheasants in one hand and the heads in the other:

Next comes the field dressing.  Roger took the boys through the whole process step by step.  I have to say it was pretty interesting.  He showed them the organs and explained how the wings worked.  Jack was the only one to stay till completion.

Next was the dinner.  Grant passed out on us.  He fell asleep right before lunch and slept for almost 3 hours!  When he woke up he wanted meatballs:o)  He would not eat any turkey because he thought the pheasant that was field-dressed just moments before was the turkey served for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jack captured some moments:

After lunch we headed to "the falls" for a hike.
The last pic is of Jack's drawing at the farmhouse, an FBI helicopter:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A walk to burn off some energy

Before we left for the farm, I took the boys and Lilly on a walk down to Creekside.  Brought the camera along just in case an opportunity for some cute pictures came along.  Well, the opportunity came along.....but not everyone decided to cooperate at the same time...

We had fun anyway!

Happy Thanksgiving

Our house is bustling with excited kids and dogs and suitcases and 1 frazzled mother and 1 dad hollering to be quiet so he can get his work done.  Sound familiar?  The list of things to bring to the farm keeps getting longer.  The weather says snow Friday, so OK, now we have to search out boots and winter pants and long johns, don't forget the birthday presents, and frozen cakes, dog food, medicine for colds, inhalers, play clothes, nice clothes, kids' table decorations, blankies, etc..............................................And although the packing isn't fun, the 2 days that will follow will hold lots of happy moments and memories that will last a lifetime.  So I'm off to take some tylenol and a deep breath and remember what this holiday is all about. 

A little ray of sunshine!

I cut this little mum 4 weeks ago and she is still holding strong.  I got this plant from Matt's Aunt Louise about 15 years ago! Wherever we moved, a part of this plant went with us.  When we moved to North Carolina, I gave my mom some starts to grow while I was away and when we returned to Ohio the pink mum moved right in with us.  She is so hardy, even in the winter, occasionally a few blossoms will peek out to say hello.  She is truly a gift that keeps on giving, thanks Louise!

Advent calendar project

I saw this idea on Ucreate's blog and modified it a little due to lack of some supplies but I still think it turned out cute.  I think the kids will like it, they better :o)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grant taking the plunge

Boogie Fever

This one's for you, Lucia!

Making some headway

It is so hard for me to complete any projects around here.  I steal a few minutes here and there and it just seems to never get done, but alas...a few have made it to the completion stage.
Here is a desk we rescued from the side of the road with a FREE sign on it:

And here it is with a few coats of red paint:

The color in the picture isn't nearly as great as it is in person.  It's sort of a barn red, I love it!
Next up, Thanksgiving favors:

They are little jelly beans in corn husks meant to look like...little corn cobs. 

I also finished my sewing projects which I cannot show, sorry.

I now have another project which looks like a doozy (sp?).

It is a table of my grandmother's.  It came with 3 leaves and is very heavy.   It was always in her basement and she used it as a sewing table.  I have always liked it.  When I was little, my cousins and I played laundramat in her basement on many occasions and this little table was always right there.  It was covered with mildew so as of now it is mildew free.  I think a lot of stripping ( and I don't mean the 'naked body' kind) is in her future.   My grandparents are downsizing and it was either me or the dump for my little green table :o(  I also got these:

This little Amish salt and pepper sat on a side table in my great grandparents house in Grove City.  I always played with them and then they moved to my grandparents house and their next home was set to be THE DUMP!  NO WAY!  They have a perfect spot on my kitchen counter.  I also picked out some pictures for the frames, a wire basket, a Christmas tin, and Grant got a nifty Ohio State music box that you hook to your door frame and it plays the fight song when you open the door.  Trash to some, treasure to others :o)