Lori's Side of the Story: April 2010        

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hard Working Boys

The boys helped me move the mulch to the backyard today and unload.  They worked really hard, and I (and my back) appreciated them and their riding machines.
Yes, they're shirtless, LOL.
They played really well together today, most of the time.  At one point, Grant and Jack were driving the gator up to get some more mulch and Grant put his head on Jack's shoulder and Jack put his arm around Grant.  Grant said, " Jack, we're friends right?"  Jack said, "Yea Grant, we'll always be friends because we're brothers."  How sweet is that! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bright Night

When I let Lily out tonight, the moon was so bright.   
Matt was in Boston, and I was standing in the back yard staring at the moon.  A song came to mind.  Matt's mom told me she used to sing this song when we lived in North Carolina.
I see the moon, the moon sees me
The moon sees somebody I want to see
God bless the moon and God bless me
God bless the somebody I want to see.

Zoo trip

Mom and Dad came Monday night to help me get to 2 sporting events at the same time with Matt being out of town. They both got rained out. We headed out for some cheesy fries and milkshakes at Steak and Shake instead, a much better option. Tuesday morning we headed for the zoo, Nicole and the kids came too.
We had a fun time, it was a nice day. Dylan couldn't join us because of this thing called school. He didn't mind too much because he got to go to his best friend, Seth's, house after school to play.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Grant has taken to calling me 'mama' lately. He usually uses 'mama' when we are sitting down reading, talking or driving in the car. When we're playing or when he needs something, it's still, 'mommy' or 'MOMMY!'. I love when he calls me 'mama,' it's endearing.

The little boy Gabriel with bone cancer who I mentioned in the previous post recieved devastating news this week. They will not amputate any limbs because the cancer has spread to many other areas of his little body. I keep thinking of his parents this week, and being a mom myself, I can't get his mother off my mind. How she must be longing for the words 'mama' to be spoken in her house for many many years to come, how she must never want to not hear her son call out for his 'mama', how much she must be cherishing every 'mama' she hears from her son right now.

A wren built a nest in the rafters of our back porch. She worked all day today gathering food for her babies. We spent the majority of the day outside and I can't tell you how many times we saw her return to her nest with worms or bugs. And every time her babies would chirp and cry, happy to see their mom and the food. She wouldn't stay long, just long enough to check
in and deliver her food then back to her work. She is smart. She is brave, she stands her ground as she sits on a chair on the back porch and stares at us and even the dog! We can't scare her off, she has a job to do and no one will stop her, she's a mama bird, it's instinctual-to protect and provide for her babies.

Mama. It is a word that most women dream to be called, I dreamed. It carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility and honor, of worry and pride, of tears and happiness. I will smile when I hear 'mama' and remember how fortunate and blessed I am that God entrusted me with 3 little healthy boys and I will pray for Gabriel and his 'mama'.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayer requests

Asking for some prayers. First for a 4 year old boy named Gabriel who is suffering with osteosarcoma and risks losing his leg. They will find out this week from scans whether or not the treatment is working. Next is Mary, a friend who is suffering with breast cancer and is having a mastectomy today. Hold them and their families in prayer.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good stuff

Some good things around here are
1. Fresh baked bread -  In an effort to be more healthy, I decided to start to bake our own bread.  It took some time and effort, but look at the outcome. 

2.  A little boy who took his first "bike" ride today.  It was a slow go, but he made it.

3. Tree climbing and bare feet.

4.  No laundry.  I didn't get a picture, but for about 3 hours yesterday at our house every piece of clothing,   bedding, towels were clean!  (You can close your mouth, now).

*Some not- so- good things are going on around here too, but in an effort to get my mind off of the worrisome things, I thought I should focus on some good stuff. *

Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo session

I snapped a few pics of my favorite niece and nephew this week during a visit:
So sweet.


Matt surprised the boys with tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game on Tuesday night!  They had no idea where we were going.  Matt whistled the song during dinner and still no one knew.... we got to Nationwide Arena....nothing....then they came out...
After the game, the boys all got basketballs and got them signed by Bam-Bam.

 They loved it, they talked about it all night and this week.  Grant has become a very good dribbler and Jack is practicing the finger spin.  Dylan took the program to school to share the next day and can give an instant replay of the game whenever asked :o)  And guess what?  WE WON!

The view from the sun roof

We parked our car at the park and looked up.....

Picnic on the Farm

The day after our big maple syrup day, Grandpa Charles loaded up our family and Jonathan (a visiting cousin) on the hay wagon and we headed up on top of a big hill for a picnic.  We had a bumpy ride up the hill, but once there, we set up camp and had a lot of fun. 
The weather was beautiful not quite windy enough to fly our kites but we tried and had some success.  Poor Grant just ran and ran back and forth to get that kite up.  He'd run one way as fast as he could and then the kite would start to dive and we'd all yell, "run the other way, go, go" and he'd turn around and run the other way.

 We even set off a rocket!
It was a perfect afternoon, nevermind the bathroom run to the woods, the unforseen rocket repair, and the tangled kite strings....perfect :o)

Maple Syrup Day

Last Saturday we spent the day at the farm with family and friends and had a great time! Check out Matt's blog (www.wingerblog.com) to see slide show.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Last night we were driving home from Trader Joe's (more on that later) and we passed creekside and Dylan remarked how much he liked eating at a restaurant there, "The Creekside Calf" (Creekside Cafe). Matt and I giggled hysterically with our mouths covered of course so as not to embarrass our son and then explained the correct pronunciation :o)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magnolia Trees

Our house is surrounded on all sides by magnolia trees. The smell and the view are equally lovely!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I took the little boys to Marlene's today for a playdate.  We use the word "playdate" to excite the kids so that we moms/friends can get together to vent,  share stories and our worries about raising our kids, talk about ailments (that list keeps getting longer), drink.... coffee, and laugh.  The kids enjoy playing together too (at least that's what we tell ourselves :o)  )  Today there were 5 moms, 6 kids, 1 trampoline and lots of brownies. It was a good day.   Girlfriends are the best, my girlfriends are the best.  I'm a lucky girl.


I made these little chicks for Easter (sorry, you have to turn your head to the side to view the cuteness).  I had to make some adjustments from the original idea, but they turned out cute.


Could they be any sweeter?  

Lena was asleep in her carseat, and we couldn't resist putting a daffodil in her little chubby hand for a picture.
Egg dying:
Mom gave the little guys  whisks to dip their eggs-BRILLIANT!  The egg just slips right in and out.

Egg hunting:
It was a nice weekend.  There was fun and there was fighting, there was cooperation and willful disobedience, there was ugliness and sweetness.....I choose the sweetness: