Lori's Side of the Story: March 2012        

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The view from Dylan's window

I just cant believe how green everything has gotten this week, we even had to mow.

I took this from Dylan's bedroom window, forsythia, dogwood and magnolia in full bloom.

I've been outside so much working on the yard that the house is suffering for it and my 'forty bags in forty days' is a little behind to say the least. I feel a marathon cleaning session coming on.

The kids are definitely enjoying the warm weather, they have taken quite a liking to playing basketball lately, especially Dylan. He asked for a real basketball hoop for his birthday (which will be his thirteenth birthday if you can believe that).

He is working through his first middle school romance and possible break up, so are we. A new experience for all of us, but one I'm sure we will revisit many times with three good looking boys in the house.

I have picked up a new hobby, Zumba. I know, I'm not an exercise girl, but I have evolved into one, I love it. I try to go three times a week, but would go everyday if I could. I was petrified to go to the first one and almost died of cardiac arrest, just kidding, but I was hooked, it is so much fun!

We are all off for spring break next week and are heading to Canada to the falls. I hope we have a good time and the boys enjoy it. I remember going when I was little (and my dad pretending to push me over the falls). I can already feel my knees getting weak.

I've got to go, breakfast, Zumba, cleaning, and packing....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sneaky leprechaun

Jack and Grant woke up to find some mischief around the house on St. Patricks Day. First, the boys ran outside to check the trap they had built the day before.

There was no leprechaun in the trap but the cookie and gold had disappeared and there was sticky green goo under the trap and green footprints up the nearby tree. They had to collect some goo to examine it.

They swear they saw him up in the top of the tree, he was wearing a white jacket! They came inside and found a note from the leprechaun and some clues to follow to find a treasure he had left for them.

Jack read the clues and they found a candy treasure! Grant was sooooo excited! It was really neat to watch them and sad too because we realize that there won't be too many more years of tracking down little green leprechauns.


Today, my baby went to kindergarten round up.

I can't believe this little boy is old enough to go to school, but it's true and he is so ready. When I left him in the classroom, I felt like, "Well, this is it. We've done everything we could to prepare him for this moment and now it's his turn to shine." He did great and I didn't even shed one tear (in public) ;-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring (almost) at our house

Here are a few signs that spring is around the corner:

Spring band concert,

Tired boys (yes he fell asleep like that),

Mom's birthday (Barry Mannillo, here we come baby),

Hyacinth flower from Matt (my house smells divine),

School pictures,

Pirates (I know it has nothing to do with spring, but I couldn't resist sharing),


Sleeveless shirts,


Clean dog,

And a pair of ducks in the backyard.