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Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye preschool

Grant's last day of preschool was today.

He was so excited to go, they had to wear swimming trunks.....

His teachers took all the furniture out of the room and they had a beach party. The kids had a blast.
A magician also put on a show and Grant was chosen from the audience to help with a trick.

He was very excited. (On a side note, did you notice the mural behind Grant? A parent at our school painted an underwater scene around the entire gym room. It is fantastic! )

His teachers were phenomenal! They survived all three Winger boys and for that, they should get a gold medal :-)
Grant is totally pumped for kindergarten, it's me that's not so ready:-(

After school he washed the mailbox for me in his swim trunks and climbed to the top of the rope on the playset and rang the bell! He was the first of all the boys to ring the bell and he's not afraid to admit it, lol! Everyone within a five mile radius heard him tell how he climbed that rope.

He ended the day back at the ball field with Dylan's team, he is the bat boy for the team. I can't tell you how much he loves that job. He cheered Dylan's team on for their first big win.

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