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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pigs and Cows

Last week at preschool, it was farm week. We talked all about the animals on the farm, which by the way these kids know way to little about but that's a whole other blog post.
Anyway, Wednesday we learned about pigs and talked about the importance of their job on a farm - to give us meat like bacon, pork chops, sausage, etc.
The kids made a pig craft and when they were done we asked them about pigs, sorta like a quiz. The answers were quite funny and by the time the last student gave me his answer I just had to laugh out loud.

The question: What is a pig's job on a farm?

The Answers: To give us milk.
To make hamburgs.
Pigs give us some good red meat!
Last student's answer: Pigs give us fish meat.


On Monday, the discussion was about cows and the question arrived about chocolate milk.

Aside from most students thinking chocolate milk came right out of brown cows, one little girl turned to her girlfriends and whispered that chocolate milk was made from rabbit turds and she couldn't have been more serious. When I suggested that it was made by putting chocolate into milk, her mouth fell open and she looked like she might pass out.

When another little boy and I were talking about milk, he told me his neighbor gave him some 'bad milk' and he got 'bad poops'. I told him I was sorry he got a tummy ache and he replied with big puppy dog eyes, "Well, it tasted great but boy did I get diarrhea, lots of it."

Four and five year olds are so funny and honest.

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