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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Old timer

Dylan brought home an old typewriter from our neighbors house last night.  He was totally enthralled.  It took me awhile to remember how the thing worked, but after we got the paper loaded all we could hear throughout the house was the 'blam-blam' of the keys.  Am I that old?  After all, I used these archaic machines to type reports in college.  Remember the mistakes and the white out and the trying to line it up to correct?  We couldn't wait to use computers, now my kids want to use an old typewriter... Dylan asked if he could type something up on it and take it into school, how funny!  I bet his friends (and his 22 year old teacher for that matter) have never seen or used one before.  So if you call me in next few days, please excuse the 'blam-blam' of the typewriter, my kids are enjoying a lesson in history ;o)

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