Lori's Side of the Story: Introducing three new residents        

Friday, November 5, 2010

Introducing three new residents

I'd like to introduce you to three new residents at the Winger house. First off we have Cowboy Baseball Player Superhero Batman Puppy Dog, or you can call him Cowboy Baseball Player for short :-) It's Grant's new toy he got from his buddy Ethan for his birthday. They came up with the name together...as they had cowboy boots on and were looking at Grant's baseball bat and trying on dress up clothes..hmmm....

Next we have Mr Bones. Jack made this life size skeleton at school as they were learning about the different bones in our bodies. God bless his teacher, just imagine 21 first graders making these skeletons!

And last, but certainly not because of his lack of importance in this house, our new dryer!!! Our old dryer had finally had enough, poor thing, it was time for retirement.

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