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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two stories to make you smile and one not so much

One perk of teaching preschool is listening to and watching the funny things the kids do. Today at calendar, our little three year old leader was convinced that we were putting up 'chickens' to mark the days instead of 'turkeys'. He was so confident he had the right answer, maybe he does eat chicken at Thanksgiving. Another thing that makes me giddy is watching the kids count with their fingers during music time. We learn songs like 'Five Little Pumpkins' and '10 Little Indians' and the kids work so hard to get the right number of pudgy little fingers up that by the time they figure it out, we've moved onto the next number. Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud:-)
The other story doesn't make me smile or Grant for that matter. We have decided it is time to leave Grant's beloved 'Ganks' (blanket) in bed while we go about our day. He was dragging it everywhere, think Linus. It is hard, he is very sad. We got a book, Owen, at the library yesterday about a little mouse and his blanky and how his parents were trying to get rid of his blanket. The book came with a cd. You should have seen the worry on Grant's face as we were listening to the book-sheer disbelief that any parent could be so cruel! There was the blanket fairy and vinegar and then the book ended with mommy mouse cutting up the blanket and making tiny little handkerchiefs out of it to keep in Owen's pocket. Grant would have no part of that! We decided to just try and leave Ganks in bed and just get it when we were napping or going to bed. It was a long, hard day and sort of sad for me too. None of the other boys had blankies so I'm sort of new at this. He's my baby though and this just seems like the last baby-ish thing we have at this house and that makes me sorta sad. There's a new season here at the Winger house and it doesn't involve any more babies, that's good, right?

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