Lori's Side of the Story: Jog for Jefferson and a new addition to the family        

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jog for Jefferson and a new addition to the family

I bet you are wondering about that 'new addition' part of the title aren't you? Well, first let's tackle the Jog for Jefferson, our elementary school's annual fundraiser.
Here is Jack's class with their sign, Hoffmann's Speedy Hamsters.

Jack ran an impressive 18 laps, only to be outdone by 1 boy in his class who ran 19 (over-achiever)!

Now onto to the new addition.....it is shiny, and slides...Any guesses? O.K. I'll give you a hint: 76 ____________ led the big parade. That's right, it.....is....a ......

TROMBONE! Isn't it lovely? You should hear the 'music' it makes :-) All sixth graders have to choose, or be fitted for, either a string or band instrument. Dylan had his fitting this evening and the band directors decided he would do best with a trombone! Dylan is excited. So we are now the proud new owners of a used trombone! You know i've been marching around the house all night singing 76 Trombones. Matt took a video during tryouts that is hilarious! We have been sitting around here tonight just laughing till we cried. I think he is editing it to put on his blog, go check it out. And wish us luck as we had to make a family commitment to practice 5 times a week at home....

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