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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Totally random thoughts

I have had a fever for four days now and it is terrible. And can I just say how sorry I feel for my kids who have had fevers more often than I have?! Fevers make you feel miserable. Matt asked me one night if he could get me anything. My response, 'a club'. Pathetic, I know, but that's how I felt.

Anyhow, I did go to the doctor yesterday for a 1:30 appointment and arrived a little early (surprise surprise). My name was called quickly and I was escorted to my exam room where the long wait began. "The doctor will see you shortly" were the last words of the nurse......So I was sitting on the exam table waiting (remember, I feel like **it) and began to listen to the conversation going on in the exam room next to me (so much for patient confidentiality). It was like two old friends recounting war stories, agent orange, veterans hospitals, wives, ailments, lost records, medications, shingles vaccinations, gout.......for one hour and 10 minutes. At one point in the conversation, the patient went on to explain how long he had had to wait in an exam room in a veterans hospital and how unbelievable it was! Really?By this time I was slumped in a chair in the corner, mumbling to myself. Well, the door finally opened at 2:31 and in came a hurried doctor. I had a diagnosis, prescription, doctors excuse and my hand on the door by 2:35! What the heck? At least I got some meds.....

Ok, my next topic to discuss is Word World, a show on PBS. Have you seen it? Grant and I watched it today and it was brilliant. The characters are animals and they are literally their names. Ex: the pig is made up of the letters p-i-g. They were focusing in on the letter 'a' today. The animals were collecting and making apple pie in a barn and everything was made of its own word: barn, apple, pie...It was great show for Grant to begin to realize that letters come together to form words and that the world is made up of words. Just brilliant. You should check it out.

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