Lori's Side of the Story: Christmas 2011        

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Dylan and Lily enjoying the tree.

Baking cookies at Grandma Connie's.

New cousin Evan. So sweet.

Christmas dresses.

Video games.

Sweet little cousins from far away.

Mom and her sisters.

More cousins from afar.

Sam and Dylan.

Grandma and 12 of her 13 great grandchildren.



Nicole singing at church.

Cookies for Santa.

Wine and cheese.

Three excited boys awaiting Santa's arrival.

The delivered presents.

New phone, surprise!

New itouch. He screamed and ran upstairs! :-)

Most wanted Captain America shield.

Big brother's old touch and downloaded music.

New robe, which he was thrilled about.

Jet on holster-cool.

New doll clothes.

And lots of girly stuff.

Singing with grandpa.

Playing we draw. (notice Dylan's water pack :-) he wore it all day).

It was a really a nice Christmas. Santa didn't go overboard with the presents, the kids were very happy with their gifts and we got to see lots of family. We are truly blessed.

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