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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December so far..

Sam, my nephew turned four. He had a great transformer party.

We put up our Christmas tree.

I made this vintage Santa postcard garland for free, I saw it for $40 at a garden store.

Dylan had his first band practice concert. There were 86 6th graders in the band! It was way better than I anticipated. Each section was introduced and escorted into the gym and played a few notes before the whole band played together. It was very simple and ended with 'Merrily We Roll Along'. I couldn't get a good picture of the band but here is my handsome trombone player.

He also made the papers for honor roll :-)

Grant made this candle holder for me at school. We lit it for dinner and he was thrilled.

And lastly, I HAD to buy Lena, my niece, an early Christmas present today.

Her first ruby slippers! They are so tiny and so obnoxiously cute. Grant kept saying, "Mom, I just can't stop looking at those shoes, they are so cute."

The little boys are off to my mom's for a ride on the Polar Express this weekend, Dylan is spending the night at a friend's house on Saturday and we are headed to my friend's 40th birthday party.

Happy weekend!

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