Lori's Side of the Story: The sneaky leprechaun        

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sneaky leprechaun

Jack and Grant woke up to find some mischief around the house on St. Patricks Day. First, the boys ran outside to check the trap they had built the day before.

There was no leprechaun in the trap but the cookie and gold had disappeared and there was sticky green goo under the trap and green footprints up the nearby tree. They had to collect some goo to examine it.

They swear they saw him up in the top of the tree, he was wearing a white jacket! They came inside and found a note from the leprechaun and some clues to follow to find a treasure he had left for them.

Jack read the clues and they found a candy treasure! Grant was sooooo excited! It was really neat to watch them and sad too because we realize that there won't be too many more years of tracking down little green leprechauns.

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