Lori's Side of the Story: Wednesday        

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


With such wonderful weather today, I started off in the garden weeding and picking raspberries. The garden is coming along slowly. It has been so dry and the bugs are awful this year. I have never sprayed my garden for bugs before this year and I've had to do it twice now to save most of the plants.

Dylan's going to make raspberry coffee cake tomorrow.

Jack was at camp today doing archery, BB guns and swimming while Grant and Dylan lazed around most of the morning in their pj's. After lunch, I put them to work though. Dylan mowed and Grant helped me paint our wooden gate.

Lily watched squirrels and napped.

After a cancelled football practice for Jack, we all walked down to Creekside for some ice cream and ended up at a baseball game behind our house.

Dylan decided to sleep in his brothers' room tonight in a sleeping bag.

Today was a great day, thank you Wednesday.

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