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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall ball

Well, fall baseball starts today. Both Grant and Dylan play this afternoon, Grant plays on the youngest team and Dylan plays at the far other end of the park with boys that will need to shave after the game (no kidding).

In preparation for Grants game, we had to come with four encouraging things to say to fellow teammates during the game (he is a little competitive to say the least). He came up with:
Good job.
You can do it.
Try again next time.
Nice catch/ nice hit.
We'll see how that goes, fingers crossed.

And for D's game, I was up at 10:30 last night sewing his uniform shirt down from a size "why would a coach give a small kid a man's size large shirt" to a size that "doesn't quite hang down to his ankles so he won't look quite so small against his 5o'clock shadow teammates" size.

Report and pictures to come later.

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