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Monday, September 3, 2012


Yesterday we visited the Johnstown flea market, it is huge, as in a-couple-of-acres-huge. Grant and I had to search for a bathroom at one point in the day and I told him that the port-a-potties were very far away, "These must be on Timbuktu."
He thought that was funny and so on our long journey out to find our car at the end of the day, he asked, "Are we parked in Timbuk-one or Timbuk-three ?"

Also yesterday as we were driving, we passed a silo in front of a strip mall and it had an ATM machine at the base of it. Jack said very excitedly, "Look guys, a silo full of cash!"

One more, it's not so 'laugh out loud' funny, but it tickled me. Friday night I was driving Dylan to a buddies house to spend the night and it was dark and the friend lives off of some pretty curvy roads and Dylan was very interested in my driving. "Mom, how can you see? Turn on your brights. Do you know how? Just pull that lever. What's the speed limit? 45? Are you kidding me? That's too fast for this kind of road. It should be 25. Mom, watch out for the big curve coming up." Let's just hope that he's this cautious when he starts driving.

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