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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Filling the hours

We are busy making lists of things to do over vacation.  If the lists don't get made, then boredom sets in and things can go downhill fast (just like Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation on the super sled)!  The lists include things like: baking cookies, Wii Fit, walking Lily, building a Lego city, board games, crafts, playing in the snow, baking banana bread, reading, journaling, playdates,  and a few fun things for me like laundry and dusting and cleaning the bathrooms.  It works for us.  We have blown through most things on the list and the boys are working on building a lego city right now while Grant naps.  I think they have an airport, a jail, a hospital and some sort of boat dock so far. Here are just a few pictures from the week:

From Lori's Side of the Story
Lunch at Target after shopping for Daddy's presents.

My nephew, Sam's, 2nd birthday party!

Shaving cream and elmer's glue snowmen.

Having some fun in the snow.  The last picture is Jack with the snowman and his 'new brain' ;o)
And last but not least, baby Granty:

Peace to you and your family throughout this holiday season!

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