Lori's Side of the Story: I LOVE SNOW        

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I may be alone here, but I love snow! Let me re-phrase that, I love watching it snow through the windows of my warm house while drinking hot coffee :o) I get excited when it snows, it makes me want to sing the snow song from White Christmas. It is so pretty, it makes everything look so clean. I love the way it crunches under your feet and I love watching my boys watch the snow and play in the snow. I like playing in the snow and sledding with the boys, but I can only stay out for so long as I do not own a pair of snow pants or a hat or for that matter a good snow coat. My wool coat does not have a tight bottom and when Jack and I went sledding last week, the snow went right up my coat and onto my back! I need some good snow clothes as every mother does. So, I'm adding 'snow clothes for mom' to my list of wants. I wonder if this will be the "Snowstorm of 2010"? Have a great snowy day!

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