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Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends from far away

Matt came home Friday night late with a visitor from the Netherlands, Andre.  He works with Matt and had been in Mexico with him last week.  He wanted to meet our family and get a glimpse into life in America.  Well, he came to the right place, he got a whole lot more than a glimpse.  Saturday morning, everyone got up and had a yummy coffee cake from a bakery in Mansfield.  The boys were introduced and drug Andre down to the basement to watch a little bit of Transformers II on the big screen.  Upstairs and out to play with the neighbor's grandkids in the backyard.  We cut our playtime short as we had to head to the cubscout pinewood derby.  Andre had never seen anything like this and soon joined us in cheering Dylan on to win 2nd place!  Afterwards the boys dropped me off at home and headed out to Target, then White Castle (poor guy), and on up to the farm.  I went to an open house for my cousin and his family who are missionaries and are leaving for Africa this Wednesday.  From what I hear they had a great day at the farm, they built fence, rode ponies, and of course, had Chinese food from our favorite restaurant. Evidently, Grant led Andre around by the hand the whole time. On the way home, Matt drove Andre through downtown Columbus.  Sunday everyone up and I made pancakes to have with our real maple syrup they brought back from the farm, yum!  Dylan and I went to church and Sunday school and then I dropped him off at a friend's birthday party.  When I got home, Matt and Andre were sitting on the back porch enjoying the sunshine and 2 grumpy boys were taking naps :o(  We ordered some pizza for lunch picked up Dylan and a couple people came over to watch the Buckeyes play basketball. We lent Andre an OSU shirt and he enjoyed watching the game, GO BUCKS!  A little more time outback and it was time, much to Grant's dismay, to take our visitor to the airport.  It was nice to meet someone who Matt has worked with for several years.  It was a busy weekend, I hope we set a good example of a typical (?) American family doing typical (?) things on the weekend.  Those of you who know us, wipe that smirk off your face :o)
This is the only picture I have of the weekend, Dylan and his buddies with their cars.

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