Lori's Side of the Story: Mama        

Friday, April 23, 2010


Grant has taken to calling me 'mama' lately. He usually uses 'mama' when we are sitting down reading, talking or driving in the car. When we're playing or when he needs something, it's still, 'mommy' or 'MOMMY!'. I love when he calls me 'mama,' it's endearing.

The little boy Gabriel with bone cancer who I mentioned in the previous post recieved devastating news this week. They will not amputate any limbs because the cancer has spread to many other areas of his little body. I keep thinking of his parents this week, and being a mom myself, I can't get his mother off my mind. How she must be longing for the words 'mama' to be spoken in her house for many many years to come, how she must never want to not hear her son call out for his 'mama', how much she must be cherishing every 'mama' she hears from her son right now.

A wren built a nest in the rafters of our back porch. She worked all day today gathering food for her babies. We spent the majority of the day outside and I can't tell you how many times we saw her return to her nest with worms or bugs. And every time her babies would chirp and cry, happy to see their mom and the food. She wouldn't stay long, just long enough to check
in and deliver her food then back to her work. She is smart. She is brave, she stands her ground as she sits on a chair on the back porch and stares at us and even the dog! We can't scare her off, she has a job to do and no one will stop her, she's a mama bird, it's instinctual-to protect and provide for her babies.

Mama. It is a word that most women dream to be called, I dreamed. It carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility and honor, of worry and pride, of tears and happiness. I will smile when I hear 'mama' and remember how fortunate and blessed I am that God entrusted me with 3 little healthy boys and I will pray for Gabriel and his 'mama'.