Lori's Side of the Story: Surprise        

Friday, April 16, 2010


Matt surprised the boys with tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game on Tuesday night!  They had no idea where we were going.  Matt whistled the song during dinner and still no one knew.... we got to Nationwide Arena....nothing....then they came out...
After the game, the boys all got basketballs and got them signed by Bam-Bam.

 They loved it, they talked about it all night and this week.  Grant has become a very good dribbler and Jack is practicing the finger spin.  Dylan took the program to school to share the next day and can give an instant replay of the game whenever asked :o)  And guess what?  WE WON!

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  1. I love that! Next time one of them yells about bad parenting during a punishment, just remind them of this night...