Lori's Side of the Story: 39-No joke!        

Friday, April 2, 2010

39-No joke!

My birthday was April 1st, yes, I'm serious.  The boys gave me their presents early, Dylan-a silver sand dollar charm, Jack-purple heart crystal earrings, Grant-a box of chocolates.  Matt got me a fantastic family tree necklace with my family's names stamped on it from Lisa Leonard Designs :o)  I'll post a pic later.  We hung around the house, ate lunch on the back porch, gave Lilly a haircut and went to the farm to help out a little.  We worked and played in the barn and then had a great dinner at the house with Matt's parents and Aunt Weez complete with cake, candles and presents.  YUM!  It was a great day.

My Aunt Crick sent me a card about wanting to give me the sun, moon, and stars but then realized through my blog that I already had them, I have to agree.  I am truly blessed.

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