Lori's Side of the Story: Friday night date        

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday night date

Matt took Dylan and Grant to the Clippers game Friday night. One of matt's friends had a box and they had a terrific time. I guess they were on the big screen for the chicken dance :-)

Jack doesn't really enjoy baseball, so he stayed with me and we invited his best friend over. I decided to take them out for pizza, what fun! I told them they were the cutest dates I had had in a long time (no offense Matt). They were so polite and laughed and told stories during dinner.

At one point jack was leaning really close to Donavan's face but not looking him in the eye. Donovan was telling a story and he just kept looking at Jack like, "what are you doing?". Jack just laughed and kept getting closer and moving ever so slowly back and forth. I finally figured out that Jack's spiky hair was making a shadow on Donovan's cheek and he was trying to make the shadow move around on his face. I'm glad I figured that out because I was beginning to get really worried about Jack...Anyhoo, after dinner we headed home and these two buddies played outside and then inside and then back outside (under the 'party lights') in the dark before I made them some hot chocolate in travel mugs and dropped Donovan off at home. They are such good friends and get along soooo well, I hope they will be friends for a long time :-)

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