Lori's Side of the Story: 'Glass half full' kind of kid        

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Glass half full' kind of kid

Jack is a positive guy. If he has had the worst day ever and you ask him how his day was, he always replies "awesome" or " this was the best day of my life". He's a 'glass half full' kind of guy. He somehow has the ability to focus on only the good stuff and let all the bad stuff fall by the wayside. It's a great quality to have. After the first day of school and every day since then, "first grade is just awesome mom, I really love it!". Today he bought lunch for the first time and was a little nervous about the logistics. When I asked how lunch went today, "mom, it was awesome, the pizza was really good and the peaches were fantastic and they had this yummy juice, oh mom, it was so good!". All that about a school lunch and canned peaches, gotta love that boy of mine.

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