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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading and collections

Dylan reading Fox in Socks to Jack and Grammy Farmer, they love that book.

Jack reading his new book fair chapter book to Lilly (it's about dogs).
And here are a few random pictures I took this morning of the boy's collections (piles of junk).

Grant's side of the nightstand : fishing lures, Little Red Riding Hood, assoted legos, dream catcher, army guy ball, flashlight gadget, bottle cap bracelet, and a treasure chest?

Jack's side of the nightstand: Ducky, Lego ship, Junie B. Jones book, and

A whole basket full of treasures too numerous to name :-)

Dylan's desktop: James Bond books, two library books, legos, party goody bag, rita's coupon, notebook, army ball, grenade, and another basket full of stuff

Way too much 'stuff'. His drawers are jam packed with more who knows what!
and finally Grant cleaned out the toy box this morning and created a 'set up' which he insisted I photo:

Wow! Cool huh?

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