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Friday, July 29, 2011

This and that

This week, much to Grant's delight, we went to his friend, Ethan's, house. Ethan's family recently got 6 chickens and built the best little chicken coop ever. It was just like Hen's house on Little Bear. I didn't get a picture of the coop but I did get Jack and Ethan and one of the chickens.

Jack seemed very comfortable with the chickens because Uncle Roger taught him all about pheasants, so to Jack, chickens and pheasants are one in the same.

I 'made' the boys go ride their bikes this week to run off some energy.

This one was taken right before Grant decided that he hated his scooter and chucked it across the grass:-(

Carrying his helmet???

We also went to our first 'hot dog night' at the pool last night. Jack has taken to dancing while swimming and diving. He draws quite a crowd and a lady from the newspaper took his picture last night for the paper!

And this is what Dylan and I and sometimes Jack have been doing today...all day minus a trip to the scouting store.

Dylan has to take a cubic foot of pipestone wood to camp next week. This is wood about a foot long no smaller than your pinky and no bigger than your thumb with no bark on it! So he soaked it for a few days.

And now we reach our hands in that lovely smelling water and pick out a few sticks and scrap off the bark. It is a lot of work. It's 4:30 and he has to finish filling this box.

I had to take a break, my back and hands are killing me. Dylan is doing pretty good, not complaining too much. Wish him luck!

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