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Friday, July 22, 2011

What a week

Below you will find a copy of an email I sent to my friend in response to her email
asking how my week was going.

Oh Jen the week I've had. Matt left early Monday morning and as I was packing the rest of us up I walked to the garage and noticed thousands of little seeds all over the carpets, wait those aren't seeds, those are MAGGOTS!!!!!!!! I couId not believe it! It was so gross. I sucked them up in the shop vac and emptied the garage and cleaned the garbage cans and washed and bleached and sprayed whatever chemical I could find and sucked up some more and dumped and gagged and yelled at the kids. Oh, and sweat! His parents came and we set off some bug bombs and left (I was so afraid they would be crawling nside when we got back.)

Onto Tecumseh...trying to chill out. We stayed at Deer Creek state park which is in the middle of nowhere, but it was very nice and we swam and ate dinner and went to see Tecumseh. About midway through the first half, some black clouds appeared, then sprinkles, then terrible thunder and lightening and then the rains, no, floods came. Everybody crammed under the shelter, the power went out and they cancelled the show. We made it back to the lodge after two hours of driving in rain and the worst fog. All we could do was laugh.

We got home Tuesday (no maggots, only a few dead ones) and saw a movie and after I fixed the kids dinner, my sinks and shower backed up, oh yes! I ran to buy draino which wouldn't even go down it just sat and practically made us pass out from the fumes. Plumber came out and snaked the drain Wednesday morning and all was well.

Matt has been gone one week this summer and that's when all the fun stuff happens :-(
He got home last night and of course nothing is crawling around or backed up or broken (except for the kitchen tv which I can't turn on).
I need a drink!

Oh one more thing, we have a party for one of Matt's friends tonight in Mansfield and the power is out in the whole area! I might burst into flames.

Hope to see you next week.

Lori (queen of bad luck)

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