Lori's Side of the Story: The zoo and the case of the spilled milk...        

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The zoo and the case of the spilled milk...

This morning I loaded up the boys, some of whom were whining about their workbooks, and took them to a surprise place...the zoo. We had a very nice day there, the boys even listened when I had to run into the restroom while we were eating lunch and told them to sit still and not touch, look at or speak to one another until I returned (miracle). We took our time, all boys saw their favorites and we even took in two animal shows while we were there, who knew. I have been going to the zoo for 10 years and have never stopped to see one of those shows, it was great. One included the stars of a book called Frenemies. It was about a dog and cheetah who were raised together and now co-exist. Out walked this gorgeous cheetah on a leash, right there in front of us, it was exciting (never mind the horror scenes that were running through my head had that cheetah gotten off that leash). On the way out we checked out the amusement park and decided we wanted we try that some other time. The wrist bands are only $5 after 5:00, that is cheaper than a fair and there were no lines at any of the rides.

Onto the spilled milk. We were all playing outside this evening and Dylan disappeared for awhile. I yelled for him to come back out, it was too nice to be inside (you know the drill) and out he came, holding his shoe? I didn't ask (big mistake) and I went in for a drink and heard the tv on so I went to turn it off and I saw this spot on the carpet and noticed the white blanket had a spot on it too? I asked Dylan if he spilled his milk, chocolate milk, in the living room..."no, mom". Well why is there chocolate milk on the blanket and on the floor? "well I spilled a little drop on the blanket". Oh, what about the floor? "no, not on the floor". I hear the hose outside and notice Dylan spraying off his shoe. Did chocolate milk spill on your shoe when you spilled it on the floor? "Yea, a little". Did it get anywhere else? "no." I washed what I thought was the only spot off the blanket and hung it outside to dry and as I was hanging it up i saw many more big spots of chocolate milk on the blanket. Dylan, why didn't you just tell me you spilled the milk so I could clean it up? "I forgot". The case of the spilled milk is finally solved. Excuse me now, I have to scrub the carpet and do a load of laundry.

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