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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easy and effective

I've started writing down lists for my kids. A post it with a list of after-school tasks is working way better than me nagging them 3,416 times to complete a specific task. Dylan's list looks like this today :

Snack: hard boiled egg and crackers
Homework: Finish SS study guide
Complete SS power point presentation
Art- decide what area of our house to draw
Trombone: 20 minutes

That's it, maybe a chore will be thrown in if needed. I just felt like I was on the losing end of this battle so I tried the post it one day after school and everything got done on the lists and no one had to be reminded, even once. Now, I'm hoping, no honestly praying, that this continues to be effective because it sure beats yelling. I'm even trying it out with the kids in the bathroom. I've got a list posted of what they need to do in the morning. I know it sounds so silly but most days my sons are in the bathrooms running the water for about 15 minutes and when they come out they haven't brushed their teeth, combed their hair, or washed their hands. It will hopefully catch their attention while they are splashing around or climbing on the edge of the tub or playing with the toothpaste and help get their jobs done. Just thought I'd share.

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