Lori's Side of the Story: Meddles        

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We had a great weekend at the farm, even though it did rain on Saturday.
The kids played, hiked, swung on the rope in the barn, made forts, rode the hay wagon, made make-shift bridges out of old tires and wooden ladders, drove the pug, hid from bulls, discovered dead animal carcasses (they didn't know if it was a dog or a moose), fed two happy ponies way too many treats, played baseball and basketball, found treasures, built fires (with adult supervision), and laughed a lot. What more could a boy ask for? It sure makes their parents happy too :-) Matt has a nice video over at his blog with all the pictures from the weekend.

Now to the meddles...On Sunday we took a hike around the creek and Grant got into nettles, again. He is so dramatic, you'd think he had gotten his arm chewed off by a wild animal. Grandpa told him if he rubbed his hands together that it wouldn't hurt so bad, so he rubbed and rubbed his hands together over his head as we walked back up to the house to get some cream. When we got there he announced that he had gotten 'the meddles' again. Poor guy. Darn meddles, they'll get ya every time.

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