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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. We had a very nice day, not a perfect day, but nice. I'm just keeping it real, there was some yelling and even fighting on Easter day. I know it seems unnatural, but it is true. There were also some very nice times as documented in the photos.
Please tell me that these growing boys of mine will remember only the good times, the 'coloring egg' times, the 'egg hunting' times, the 'posing for picture' times, the 'finding chocolate in their baskets in the morning' times, the 'playing kickball with the neighbor's grandkids' times? I'm counting on it. I have great memories of holidays growing up and I'm sure those days weren't perfect either. I'm sure I probably threw a fit about wearing a bonnet AND corsage AND white gloves with my matching white purse AND the dreadful white shawl on Easter morning, didn't I? Yes, I'm sure I did. At least I didn't have to bribe the boys to wear a shawl, there's that :-)
On a positive note, our church service today was just glorious. The service ended with the Hallelujah Chorus, goosebumps all over I tell ya. It was truly a celebration of the King of Kings.
Enjoy the pics.

We tried tye dying eggs and volcano dying this year, very fun!

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