Lori's Side of the Story: 2012        

Saturday, December 29, 2012


2012 was a year of big changes for the boys.

Grant started kindergarten, played on his first real t-ball team, played on an all-star team, lost his first tooth, attended and graduated from safety town, turned six, rode in a helicopter, learned to read, sang numerous Michael Jackson songs over and over again, rode his first roller coaster (reluctantly), and saw a horse being born. He continues to be a giggly, loud, dramatic, athletic, energetic boy who still loves his blanky, thumb, and snuggling with mom.

Dylan has changed the most this year as he entered the teenage years in August when he turned 13. He started his seventh grade year, was chosen to play on a traveling tournament baseball team, moved up to pony league, attended his second year of boyscout camp with great success, learned how to hunt, shot his first pheasant, entered the world of 'young love' with a girlfriend, got contact lenses, went to his first dance, and went white water rafting. He is a strong, loving, growing boy who is enjoying some new freedoms that come with growing up including staying up later and playing some teen video games. I'd love to say that he enjoys spending time with his family but, alas, we are not at the top of his list these days (at least that what he says).

Jack turned nine this year with a survivor party, presented a report on Amelia Earhart, attended boyscout camp, fished, came in runner up in a costume contest, played two seasons of flag football, won a spring flag football championship, religiously wore his umbrella hat under rainy conditions, wowed crowds with his card tricks, started a dancing-off-diving board craze at the pool, completed a high ropes course, and continues to be a generous, caring, healthy, strong boy who loves to try new things and loves spending time with his family and friends.

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