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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

We have two Christmas gatherings to go and so far so good. The anticipation just about killed us all, but the day before and day of were just perfect (or as close as we can get to perfect with three sons ).

Christmas Eve we spent at my sisters with my mom's family and Santa.

I love this next picture of Grant listening to Santa. He couldn't have been sitting any straighter ;-)

We had great food and a fun time including a present 'exchange' where I walked away with new darling kitchen towels after some strategic stealing, hee-hee.

Also, Grant lost his first tooth!

Some of my family went to watch my sister sing at her church and watch a sweet children's Christmas program.

We came home and watched a christmas show before bed and read a book and then....Santa came while three boys slept.

Matt and I woke before the boys and couldn't wait for them to wake up. He put a bell around Lily's neck and sent her up to wake up the boys and we acted like we were sound asleep while we waited to hear the footsteps.....They came down and found the presents and notes from Santa and then we opened presents. The boys were all pleased with their gifts. I loved all mine too including the CLR and Oxyclean from Grant (his very own idea), the work out clothes and glass jar from jack and the necklace and blanket from Dylan. Matt got me a year's membership at my dance place ( I love that guy!) I had just cancelled my membership on Friday because they were raising the prices and he made a secret call ;-)

My parents, Matt's parents and my sisters family came over for lunch.

Another really nice day.

And today.....


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