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Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting them young

Why wait till they turn 16?

We've played this game on our way to the farm since Dylan was little. When we turn on the road that leads to the farm, the boys unbuckle their seat belts, roll down the windows and yell at the cows and one lucky boy (we try to take turns) jumps up on Matt's lap and steers the rest of the way to the house. It's fun and I'm happy to report- no crashes yet. Dylan is too big now for the lapso I guess the next step for him is to let him actually drive up the road....nooooooooooo!

We also play one other driving game. On the road right before we turn onto the farm road, we play 'roller coaster'. The road is straight and has hills. Matt heads up the first hill and then takes his foot off the accelerator and coasts. The goal is to coast all the way to our turn off. We usually make it :-)

It's something they look forward too (and we do too ).

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