Lori's Side of the Story: Happy fourth July        

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy fourth July

On the fourth, my family headed to Delaware Park for a picnic. My Aunt Nancy stakes our claim early in the morning under a giant tree by the water. It really paid off this year because that tree sheltered us from the rain (almost).

My two big boys climbed all over the branches hanging over our heads and made all the women nervous which in turn made them act more like dare devils ;-)

My grandma was there this year. She looks amazing and our little bedazzled baby brightened up the day.

The kids went fishing and I think Jack was the only one who caught a fish (we won't tell anyone it was with Lena's pink fishing pole).

And now for the fun part...we gathered up the great grand kids for a picture (even though we were missing 5). I decided to post all the pictures I took because it's just funny. At one point I said (smiling), 'anyone who isn't smiling gets a spankin'. They all perked right up :- )

Our picnic lasted about 3 hours and then the clouds let loose and it was quite a scramble to clean up, grab kids and run for the cars!

Happy fourth!

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