Lori's Side of the Story: Two days at the beach        

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two days at the beach

We had a great time at the beach.
The first day, the weather was perfect and we were at the beach the whole day. Jack and I staked our claim early and the others joined us shortly after.

The evening was spent at Captain George's Seafood Restaurant eating plates full of crab legs (Dylan joined in this year so now we just have to convince Grant how good crab meat is) and then off to go cart rides and two (torturous) games of putt putt golf.
The second day there it was windy and chilly with the dangerous water flags waving behind the lifeguard chairs. Jack and I (we are the early birds) walked to the pier and headed back to get the gang. We hung out at the beach for awhile. The waves had beat a 3 foot wall into the sand shore overnight so the boys decided to dig out boobytraps and see who could race across the edge of the sand without falling in the water.

We shopped that afternoon, had a great meal at a local restaurant for lunch, shopped some more, swam in the pool, ate pizza for dinner and the boys played with their new light up launchers at night on the beach.

Time to pack up for the trip home.

The trip home was long with lots of fun stops along the way including dinosaur land, a tiny church, largest apple, military museum, largest sundae, a scenic overlook, a visit with Matt's great aunt, and finally my parents' house at 12:30 am.

Another great vacation thanks to Matt's expert planning skills with lots of memories made.

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