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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning picking

My garden did great this year, a little overwhelming right now in fact. It's the best year I've had for green beans and my tomatoes are huge and red and no bugs or cracks or black spots. My boys take credit for the bugs because they released a preying mantis in the garden a few weeks ago, they may be onto something...

To give you a perspective of the size of the bowl, I set my coffee mug beside it. It's a big bowl.

Last week, I froze six quarts of beans and I'm guessing I'll be doing the same today.

Jack and I did refrigerator pickles last week too and I'm happy to report that the jar is almost empty ;-) They were perfect, crisp, crunchy and dill-y.

I'm just freezing most of my tomatoes and some I'll make into salsa. I'd love to can some salsa and tomato sauce or juice, but those hot water baths intimidate me a little...I shouldn't be scared, I spent many a summer growing up in my mom's kitchen or my grandma's basement kitchen watching them can everything and sweating up a storm over those steaming pots! We'll see...

Stop on over for lunch if you're closeby, sliced tomatoes are on the menu, oh, and I could really use some help snapping beans!

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