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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 stories to make you smile

1. Boating-When I went to VOTE yesterday, Grant thought we were going on a BOAT. No matter how hard I tried to annunciate the word, he was sure that we were heading out on the open water in a BOAT and he couldn't figure out why we weren't taking anyone with us...He was a little disappointed when we showed up at the polls to go BOATING, but that quickly changed when I let him press the buttons on the ballot.
2. Chicken breasts-While Grant was drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows this morning, he said, "This tastes great mom, it tastes just like chicken breasts!".
3. Jailbreak-Picture Jack and Grant and I on a bike ride, strolling (well me running) down the road on a beautiful spring day. Now picture me wondering why a passing car was going so slow and even stopping. Now picture Lily running down the middle of the road with her 'baby' in her mouth, hair flying in the breeze, trying her hardest to catch up with her family who obviously 'forgot' to take her along...WAIT A MINUTE! OK, turn your bikes around, catch the dog, return dog to her home, shut the garage door, now where were we? Oh yea, bike ride;o)
Have a great day!
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  1. You painted a perfect picture of Lily running down the road...she's too freaking cute.