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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baseball Pro

Grant had his first baseball game tonight, and it was quite a show. He is on the Reds (which is his favorite color) and he was more excited than I can even begin to explain. Just look at his face:

He went right out there and was ready to go


He ran the bases, he hit the ball,

Then the coach put him on the pitchers mound because "he looks like he knows what he's doing". Dylan gave him a few pointers and then he proceeded to grab every single ball that was hit, tag (knock down) 2 kids out on their way to first base, and throw the rest to first and when the first baseman didn't catch those balls, Grant told him " you're supposed to catch that!"

He earned the nickname Little Derrik Jeeter and someone mentioned Edward Scissorhands because he wore Dylan's batting gloves the whole time :o). The other parents just couldn't believe him, that boy of mine! I was crying because it was just so cute and funny and he was just so darn happy to FINALLY be playing baseball. The coach had snack ( baseball juice and granola bars) and Grant was in heaven! "Did we win mom?". Yes, Grant you won!

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  1. I love it! Wish we could have seen all that tagging first hand...Go Grant!!