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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's that noise?

While I was making dinner last night, there was silence in the living room, which is very unusual but wonderful. Where were the boys?

Playing a new Lego game in a tent of course. Great while it lasted (all of about 10 minutes). Then the --it hit the fan. Dylan wasn't playing by the rules, Grant's diving board wasn't working out, and Jack was just frustrated with the whole rule situation. How did I solve this problem, you ask? Grant was set at the table with play dough, Dylan was sent upstairs with an attitude problem, and Jack was sentenced to play with his new game by himself (how dare I!). This only again lasted for about 10 minutes before the 2 youngest heard Dylan jamming out to 'I've been working on the railroad' upstairs on the keyboard. They just had to join in, Grant dancing on the stage and Jack drumming. It sounded like the ceiling was going to cave in. What's that noise? It's brothers playing, that's all (only for about 10 minutes because ..... dinner's ready!)

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