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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This afternoon....

2:30- Jack walking in the door from school crying about his ears. Me calling the doctor to make an appointment, calling the school to have Dylan leave early from study island so he can make it to the appointment, giving Jack some motrin and a few cookies, and unpacking Jack's book bag.
3:00- Dylan walking in the door, starving, so he unpacks and eats a few cookies and I wake Grant up from his nap and change his snot encrusted shirt to look presentable at the doctor. Taking another extra strength Tylenol to fight a horrible headache.
3:20-Packing up and leaving for the doctor and deciding to call the doctors office to see if they can see Grant as well since he is battling a cold...that is fine. Grabbing 638 kleenex to stuff in my purse.
3:45- Arriving at doctors office and checking in. Warning the boys 236 times not to put their fingers up their noses or in their mouths or touch anything also warning not to put their mouths on the fish tank while staring and scaring the fish?
3:55- In exam room with two boys in gowns and one large boy complaining about having nowhere to sit? Jack has double ear infections and is wheezing! Grant just has a gross cold with no remedy:-( We get prescriptions for 4 medications and a reminder that Jack was overdue for his well check by 1 and 1/2 years!!! What? Hasn't he been to the doctor a zillion times in the last year and had exorbanent amounts of blood taken? Oh well...While doctor was faxing over prescriptions, Jack decided to stand on the examining table and throw the gowns up in the air and at his brothers Grant decided to chase the gowns and try to claw his way up on the table as well and Dylan, well he just called them both idiots. Remember the doctor? He is still in the very small, very loud, and very warm room with us. Great! His advice to me on the way out "good luck"! Thanks!
4:30- Standing at the check out window and Grant saying to the nurses who weren't paying any attention "hello?!" They just laughed, thank God, they even gave him 3 stickers. Jack is opening the door while I am trying to schedule his appointment yelling 'let's get out of this place'....and Grant is just yelling....
4:45- At the drive though pharmacy, it will be 30 minutes...
4:50- Picking up dinner at Wendy's (I know-mother of the year here).
4:55- Sitting in car waiting on meds. Grant crying for ketchup which I give to him.
4:57- Grant crying because he dropped his ketchup soaked nuggets on the floor and his seat. Me climbing out of the car picking up food and wiping tears and reassuring him that the food is still totally edible??
4:59- Texting Matt begging him to please come home a day early. Wondering if sitting in a hot car with two sick kids and the windows rolled up and a zillion germs floating around is a good idea...
5:15- In line at drive-through pharmacy. Finding out that they have no insurance information for either boy in their records and only part of the prescriptions will be $150. Wondering how much money I have left in my checking account. Passing over insurance cards to enter in new info. Waiting and watching 3, no 4 pharmacists trying to enter info and watching the cars line up behind me 4 deep....
5:35- A very nice pharmacist hands me a grocery sack full of medicine and the bill is only $44 for all 4 meds! Yea! Thanking God that no one in line behind me honked their horn at me.
5:45- Home, looking at dog vomit on the floor. Really?
5:46- Cleaning up dog vomit.
6:00- Helping with homework and distributing medications.
6:30- Calling boss to get a sub for tomorrow. Calling babysitter to cancel for tomorrow. Calling colleague to give her the low down.
7:00- Giving showers
7:15- Watching A-team re-runs in basement (I know another nomination for mother of the year) and blogging so I can some day look back at this and remember...
I am sure this sounds familiar to everyone out there with kids, crazy at the time, but sort of comical in retrospect.

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