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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home at last

We made it home yesterday around 2:00 which left just enough time to unpack, do a load of laundry, air out the house, clean out the car, get Grant to the doctor, no scratch that, give Matt instructions on how to take Grant to the doctor ( he woke up the last day of vacation with a really high fever and sore throat and belly ache), and make it to church for Bible school...whew!
Today, we met my parents for lunch and picked up Lily, who enjoyed a spa vacation while we were gone: Fresh bacon grease on her food everyday and a variety of table scraps, sleeping on furniture, brushed and walked daily-she was living the high life :-) Dylan mowed and i weeded our garden and went through some mail, so i think we are pretty much settled back in, the only thing left is the grocery:-(
Right now Dylan is playing ball with a friend at the playground, Jack is building a zip line in the back yard, and Grant is resting and I am sitting on the back porch...do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation?

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