Lori's Side of the Story: Sad day but in a good way        

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sad day but in a good way

Today was Dylan's last day of fifth grade and his last day of elementary school, last day to wake up at 7 am

Last day to walk to school

Last day to have recess, last day to peek out the back door and watch him play on the playground...wahhhhhh! I am just a mess of emotions today. He was so fortunate to attend such a fantastic elementary school with a caring staff who were dedicated to the success of their students. He made some great friends and made great memories there.

I have really not looked forward to this day. Every year since kindergarten, I have watched the fifth graders walk out the doors for the last time and heard the cheers and watched as the other parents cried and now it was Dylan's turn to walk out and my turn to cry.

Someone said in church this past week that we can't hold our children hostage, we have to let them grow and move on and make their own choices, but can't they just stay in elementary school forever? PLEASE!

Dylan, I love you and am so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in middle school-Mom

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