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Friday, June 10, 2011

School's out for the summer

Jack finished up a great year in first grade. He had an outstanding teacher (I named her Snow White the first time I met her), worked very hard, and received a special 'Be The One' award on the last day of school which was voted on by his peers.

Dylan also finished the year strong thanks to a dedicated teacher and some tough love;-) He received some very impressive awards including the Silver Presidential Award signed by the President and the Secretary of Education.

Bring on the summer fun!

Thursday we went to the pool (Grant sunburned with two applications of sunscreen, I felt so guilty) and Dylan treated everyone to sour skittles, took Grant to his baseball game and pictures, Dylan went to baseball practice but not enough kids showed up, on to drive thru dinner and a travel baseball game of some of Dylan's friends and playing at the playground.

Friday, we packed up and headed out to a friend's house, brownies and lemon slush ingredients in hand. She has a pond and after the morning storms it turned into a beautiful day and the kids swam in her pond and had a blast (the moms had a good time too).

Then home, grilled out and while the kids were playing out back we heard music and remembered the 'Music in the Park' and headed over to listen. It was an Irish band, they were really good, kinda made me want to river dance:-) We met up with some friends but, unfortunately couldn't stay long because a big storm was looming on the radar so we packed up and headed home and the kids are watching a movie.

Two days in and a few activities knocked off our summer fun list.

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