Lori's Side of the Story: Vacation        

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We left for Traverse City Michigan on Saturday and arrived on Sunday after NUMEROUS Roadside America stops:-) We are having a good time despite the cloudy weather and the chilly waters of Lake Michigan. The downtown is great, a very quaint place with fun shops and really good restaurants. The first thing the boys did was help a lady change the marquee above an old movie theater, from there we found a couple of toy stores, a magic store, and Dylan's Candy Store. Matt even occupied the boys while I shopped a little for myself (I bought an awesome handmade globe). We traveled to Lake superior, Lake Huron, climbed a sand dune at Sleeping Bear National Park, visited the locks at Suioux Ste. Marie, climbed to the top of a lighthouse and out to the tip of a bay through rocky bug infested terrain, we have driven past many beautiful cherry orchards, and have even found a house or five that I would love to own right along the coast. We are eating at very strange times and finishing every night off with a swim (at least the boys have, I usually tidy up, do laundry or wash dishes-a lot of un-vacationy stuff).

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