Lori's Side of the Story: 7th grade        

Monday, March 4, 2013

7th grade

Here is Dylan's basketball picture. We are too cheap to purchase the photographers copy for $25 so we photo the photo ;-)

Sorry to brag, but look at the cutie in the front row, maybe the only cutie in the whole picture ;-) Sorry that was mean, they are all cute in their own way ;-)
Oh, seventh grade. Oh it's a terribly awkward time, isn't it! I was a mess in seventh grade, dorky hair split right down the middle with barrettes, long skinny arms, retainer, purple sweaters, jean skirts with keds tennis shoes and white bobby socks, and my red head phones tuned to Michael Jackson and Billy Joel. I thought I was cool. No, actually I don't think I thought I was cool but I must have thought I was sorta cool. Anyway, I survived and so will this group of boys (God willing).

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