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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Spring' break

Even though it feels like winter break, I'm trying to bring some spring into our lives.

Jack's giant bean sprout from school and some pansies greet me every morning on my kitchen table.

Some leftover tulips from a pancake breakfast at church last weekend. We served around 300 people a free pancake breakfast last Saturday. I was the nervous co-chair :-( I had some experienced ladies with me all the way, thank heavens!

Spring cleaning of the playroom prompted some painting and sewing :-). I painted over some things like the banner over the stage and all the coloring on the walls and I painted the train table with chalkboard paint so the boys can draw whatever they need for their playscapes. I made that little red pillow and recovered the window seat with red ticking fabric (love them both). The fabric is really for me ;-) We also put up a basket ball hoop and we still need to clean out some more toys. I'm hoping this will spur some more playtime up there. If I suggest getting rid of some toys, the boys seem to remember how much they 'love' them and start playing with them again.

I was sewing up these three little bunnies for some Easter gifts last night at 11:00 pm and Matt looked at me like I was crazy, but I really love making stuff, it makes me feel good whether its at 9 am or 11 pm. I can't explain it, it's just what makes me happy.

Anyway, day three of spring break and we are hanging in there. The boys have had lots of play dates and have braved the cold weather for basketball and airsoft wars outside and honestly not much fighting has taken place...I'm almost afraid to write that.

On a side note, Matt started a new job Monday in Grove City. It is so weird not to have him around, the little boys ask 100 times a day where he is. Matt has worked out of our home since they were born. I miss him but I know he will be great at what he does and he'll enjoy forming new relationships with his colleagues.

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