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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

Saturday, Grant and Jack wrapped up their basketball seasons with trophies.

After Jack's game, his friend's family picked him up and whisked him away to a weekend at an indoor water park up north. He is having a blast! Hopefully his parents are too, Jack grew their family to four boys for the weekend ;-)

Dylan finally scored during his team's win and he will start tournaments next Saturday. I believe his team finished second so far.

Sunday we want to Dick's sporting goods and bought Matt some baseball pants (hee hee). He's the assistant 7th grade baseball coach and the rules say he has to be in uniform as well. Grant and Dylan begged and pleaded for every million dollar piece of equipment while in the store to no avail. Dylan did, however, score a really cool pair of batting gloves at Play It Again Sports.

Next up on Sunday was grocery shopping. Dylan had to prepare a three course meal for his family for an assignment in Family and Consumer Science so we thought we would tackle this project on a lazy Sunday. He had to take pictures of all the ingredients and the prices so he could come up with a total cost for his meal. He picked homemade beer bread for the appetizer, Parmesan chicken with pasta for the main dish and apple pie with crumble topping for dessert. He made everything from scratch (except for the tomato sauce oh and the pie crust) and was in the kitchen for 2 1/2 hours and said his feet were killing him ;-) The meal was delicious! I'll have to post the picture later.

We ended the weekend watching The Bible on the history channel. It was awesome. Dylan and Grant were totally engaged the whole time (Jack was still swimming with friends) and were retelling the stories before they happened (so smart) like Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt and the seven plagues and Moses' exit from Egypt! Grant even went upstairs and got his Lego Bible to follow along with the stories. It is a ten part series I think, I highly recommend it.

Matt was busy running around in between all the events mentioned above, I seriously can't keep up with him.

Oh, one more thing. Many of you know our neighbor Doc, his wife Priscilla had a heart attack Saturday morning. We aren't sure about any details but please pray for a full recovery for her and strength for her family.

Have a great Monday!

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