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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So many projects are half done around here, I can't even name them all.  I've started on several Christmas projects that I cannot post for fear the receivers of these gifts will see them...I came to a standstill on the gifts due to some unforseen catastrophes in the sewing department :o(  Suffice it to say, I would have made quite a skit on Saturday Night Live.  The ordeal ended with a needle through my finger, nail and all, and a few 'not so very nice words'.  Also on tap, a trash find of the century!  I will post a picture just as soon as I finish the 375th coat of red paint.  Thanksgiving favors are also in the works.  The picture looked darling in the magazine and seemed so easy to do...Jen and I tried a few today and they need some tweaking.  I did finish about 10 this afternoon while the boys were distracted playing flag football and Dylan thought they looked cool.  Off to get more supplies tomorrow as some of the supplies were consumed today by two very cute, 3 year old boys :o)  Hopefully tomorrow's post will be filled with pictures of completed projects, fingers crossed!

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